Office of the President

Spring Convocation, January 15, 2023

Dr. John Floros became the 28th President of New Mexico State University on July 1, 2018. During his first year in that office, he engaged in a long dialogue with the faculty, staff, and students of NMSU centered around a strategic planning process that resulted in NMSU LEADS 2025. That process renewed NMSU’s focus on students, research, outreach, and strengthening the NMSU system, which are the four goals of NMSU LEADS 2025.

In Dr. Floros’ words: “Higher education is facing an uncertain future, and our university is not without challenges. However, NMSU is bursting with potential. I will continue to work closely with our faculty, staff, students, administrators and stakeholders to realize our potential. Together we can improve our students’ educational experience to help them succeed, expand on collaborations, improve our research creativity and competitiveness, and increase knowledge and innovation.”


Dr. John Floros
President, New Mexico State University


Upcoming Town Hall: 3:00 pm, Tuesday, August 11, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions




8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday


A systemwide return-to-campus plan


Click to view previous town hall recordings

  • Town hall from July 28 via Panopto or Zoom
  • Town hall from July 9 via Panopto or Zoom
  • Town Hall from June 18 via Panopto or Zoom
  • Town Hall from June 4 via Panopto or Zoom
  • Town Hall from May 21 via Panopto or Zoom
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  • Town Hall from April 30 via 小火箭免费节点公众号 or 小火箭收费节点
  • Town Hall from April 23 via Panopto or Zoom
  • Town Hall from April 16 via Panopto or Zoom 
  • Town Hall from April 9 via Panopto or Zoom
  • Town Hall from April 2 via 小火箭免费节点2022 or Zoom 
  • Town Hall from March 26 via vmess节点每天更新 or 比较好的付费ssr节点
  • Town Hall from March 18 via Panopto or 小火箭收费节点网站

Note: Zoom links contain a meeting transcription. 



President’s Communications regarding COVID-19

  • Learning, adapting and shaping our future (7/24/2023)
  • Why are we coming back? To Shape the Future (6/12/2023)
  • Statement regarding national protests (5/31/2023)
  • NMSU is Ready for the next phase (5/29/2023)
  • Announcing the COVID-19 Rapid Response Team (5/28/2023)
  • Planning for Fall 2023 (5/11/2023)
  • Return to Campus and Budget Questions- Clarification (5/7/2023)
  • Adapting to our new normal (5/1/2023)
  • 小火箭节点二维码购买 (4/28/2023)
  • NMSU annual leave carry-over (4/23/2023)
  • The pandemic, planning ahead and NMSU LEADS 2025 (4/17/2023)
  • NMSU employee in stable condition after testing positive for COVID-19 (4/6/2023)
  • Perseverance and kindness (4/3/2023)
  • Aggies step up to the challenge of COVID-19 (3/21/2023)
  • Memo: Students Returning to Campus (3/20/2023)
  • NMSU Update (3/19/2023)
  • NMSU-Las Cruces Virtual Town Hall Mtg, Wednesday, March 18 (3/17/2023)
  • 免费ssr节点2022 (3/6/2023)



Forum held Friday, June 5 at 3:00pm. 

  • Recording of forum via Zoom
  • Link to list of books shared by Dr. Pichon




During this time, please consider supporting our students in need through the Aggie Cupboard and the Aggie Student Emergency Fund.




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